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13 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Remodel Look Luxurious

Kitchen remodels are, without a doubt, the most expensive of all rooms. However, there are other ways to add value to your kitchen besides adding new cabinets and countertops. Here are some affordable changes you can make to add luxury to your kitchen remodel in Stuart!

Add New Hardware

Adding new high-quality hardware provides cabinets a facelift without breaking the bank. When choosing hardware, you want to use pulls and knobs that have consistent style and finishes so the styles do not clash.

Include greenery

To give your area a lived-in, sumptuous sense, add some plants. Herbs on the windowsill are a safe bet, and they're not only attractive but also useful. Small pots can be strewn about the room and around the windows, or a single large planter might be prominently displayed on a counter or island.

Update lighting fixtures

Having the right lighting can make or break a room, and can provide the finishing touches needed to bring out the design. You should change out light fixtures with this in mind. Finding something with personality and ability to light up the room is important!

Lay down a rug

You can bring warmth to your kitchen while also keeping your feet comfy while cooking by using a runner or area rug. This will make the space feel as though it were decorated in the same manner as the rest of your home. An outdoor rug is a solid choice to survive the abuse it will almost certainly receive, and it will also make spills easier to clean up.

Add stylish stools

Because many kitchens lack the space for additional furniture, counter stools are frequently the only way to bring individuality to the space. To add an unexpected touch to your décor, choose barstools with intriguing shapes and materials. If you don't have enough room for an island or a bar, tuck a single little stool into a corner to provide a place to sit while you cook while also adding more depth to your design.

Add new faucet

Faucets have gone a long way in recent years. They are currently available in a range of shapes, finishes, and configurations from several significant manufacturers. To give your space a high-end look, replace your ordinary kitchen faucet with one that has a beautiful finish that matches your cabinet hardware.

Include open shelves

Many high-end kitchens feature open shelving and are easy to have installed. If you have an unused wall that needs some attention, fill it in with shelving that complements your room's design. Open shelves are a much more budget-friendly choice to update the area and look great!

Unify décor

If your kitchen is currently decorated in a mix of modern, boho, eclectic, or classic styles, adopting one style is a simple way to tie the room together. Make a commitment to your preferred design style. Stainless steel storage containers, accessories, and utensils are ideal if you prefer a modern look. Choose wood and woven fabrics that make the place feel warm if you're striving for something homier.

Add an island

Kitchen islands don't have to be built-in, and they don't have to be expensive. If you have extra space in the middle of your kitchen, consider a rolling island that can be simply moved. For high-quality materials, many models start at about $200, and you can even find companies that use butcher block on the surface (so you can say goodbye to clutter in your cabinets with cutting boards).

Design a Wine Rack

Do you have a collection of wine glasses that you keep on open shelving in your kitchen? Instead of cluttering shelves, invest in a wine rack (and make your space look elegant at the same time). A farmhouse kitchen looks lovely with a natural wood rack hanging above the island or fitted below the cabinets, and many modern models exist in metal finishes that can suit a streamlined kitchen.

Personalize Pot and Pan Storage

Pots and pans strewn across several shelves can make your kitchen appear disorganized, so customize your storage to bring the room together. If you prefer a pot rack over a wine rack, for instance, consider suspending one from the ceiling. If you'd rather hang them on the wall, a simple utility rail may make arranging pots and pans on an unoccupied wall a breeze (and save valuable shelf space).

Style a Baker's Rack

Baker's racks are a classic kitchen fixture that, in addition to being elegant, will provide additional storage space. Baker's racks, unlike built-in cabinetry, are a cost-effective way to add personality to your kitchen without breaking the budget. Choose models with high-quality wood treatments or paint a plain wood rack to match your cabinets for a seamless aesthetic.

Modernize Your Storage Options

Instead of displaying snacks, oats, flour, coffee grounds, pasta, or other everyday food items in their original packaging on the counters, use a consistent set of storage containers. You'll be able to maintain these essentials on hand while upgrading the aesthetic of your kitchen by standardizing the style. On a budget, several hefty plastic containers can mimic the look of glass (and without any worry of damage if one gets dropped by your family members).

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