3 Advantages of Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Space in Stuart, FL 

Our luxurious kitchen islands provide much needed storage space, seating, and amenities to your space that you wouldn’t have imagined before. Kitchen islands can also be added to a large kitchen for several other benefits that everyone finds the need for. Here at Flooring USA, we assist customers in making sure they have all the proper information about what they are purchasing from us and how it could positively impact their home right away. 

1. Extra Storage Space in Your Kitchen 
The majority of islands include storage below them in addition to counter space. To display your dinnerware in this area, you may either construct extra cabinets or use open shelf units. Your lifestyle will determine this. Do you have a pet who could tip anything over and shatter it off the counter? Open shelves might not be the best option for your home in that situation. There are still a ton of other alternatives to adding storage, so don't worry!

2. More Seating for Hosting Events
Extra sitting in a kitchen is difficult to create without the use of a kitchen table. An island will also improve the seating arrangements in your kitchen along with other amenities. Including seating alternatives such as bar stools or dining chairs along one or more sides will significantly improve seating for your hosted event. This will allow the space to feel more comfortable and welcoming for both you and your guests. 

3. Adding Appliances and More 
Almost always, an island is created to order. Despite the availability of ready-made alternatives, most islands are built to the homeowner's specifications. Consider conveniences like built-in cutting boards, dishwashers, and electrical or USB charging stations to make your island more convenient while you still can.  There are several options in this category, and it is critical to consider your extras now because it will be more difficult to add them on after installation.

Interested in adding one of our kitchen island’s to your home? Call Flooring USA at (992)-463-6400 for more information today! 

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