Kitchen Countertop Remodeling

3 Kitchen Island FAQ's

Our kitchen islands provide many benefits to your kitchen and other spaces in your home. Before getting started on the exciting process of choosing your design, there are a few tips we wanted to share with our customers that help give a better idea surrounding our luxurious island options.  These tips are questions that are frequently asked by our customers, so we’re here to share the answers!

How much space is required for my island?

This is about the island's surroundings, not the island itself. Allow 36-40 inches on both sides of the island to accommodate typical kitchen circulation. This amounts up to 4 feet between the island and your existing countertops. If the space is too narrow, you'll bump against the island, other counters, or perhaps other family and friends. If you want to add a breakfast bar or seats for supper, you'll need to make some changes to this island. A minimum of 24 inches of space per seat is suggested when it comes to seating needs.

Does the island include extra storage?

Most islands include storage below them in addition to counter space. To display your dinnerware in this area, you may either construct extra cabinets or use open shelf units. Your lifestyle will determine this. Do you have a pet who may tip over some plates and shatter them? Open shelves might not be the best option in that situation.

Which material should I select?

Your lifestyle is the only reliable way to choose the foundation and countertop alternatives for your island out of the large range of materials that may be employed. Do your children routinely spill stuff on your counters and leave marks? If that's the case, use a non-porous material that won't absorb spills. Do you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen? If so, it is preferable to avoid materials that are brittle or prone to chipping.

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