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3 Tips to Keep Your Laminate Flooring Luxurious in Stuart, FL

Here at Flooring USA, we provide our customers with the top laminate flooring materials to assure that you will have the best quality purchase possible. The laminate flooring is extremely resilient and designed to maintain a brand-new appearance for several years with minimum upkeep from the owners. Your laminate's beauty will remain as long as possible if you adhere to a few basic cleaning and maintenance guidelines that we have laid out for our customers. 

1. Avoid Using Mops if Possible 
If necessary, a moist mop can be used. Mop’s that are used with lighter liquid and cleaning supplies may be used to clean certain areas of the floor if need be. Do not use a soaking wet mop on laminate flooring, and never let water sit there. Warping, swelling, and joint separation can occur as a result of water seeping into the flooring. This can happen quicker than our customers would like, so make sure to clean liquids off the floor as soon as you can.

2. Prevent Scratches and Other Damage 
There are many situations in where your laminate flooring can become damaged or scratched over its continued use. Little upkeep such as trimming your pet’s nails or avoiding the use of steel wool will assist in maintaining your floors appearance over time and leaving less scratches on your new flooring. These are essential tips for high traffic homes that could be damaged rapidly over time.

3. Use Proper Cleaning Supplies 
One of the most harmful things our customers can do to their floors is attempting to clean or polish laminate flooring with the incorrect products. Normal reoccurring cleaning such as vacuuming or using a dry mop will help maintain the floor’s appearance and durability for years to come. If there is a situation where your flooring gets scratched, there are options through the manufacturer that will enable fixes and touch ups to your floor.

Get advice on the initial cleaning following installation from your Abbey specialist or the manufacturer. Before cleaning, you might need to wait 48 hours or longer before proper cleaning can be completed.

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