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3 Tips to Upgrading Your Bathroom Walls in Stuart, FL

You can't overlook the walls if you're preparing to remodel your bathroom. Because they must be moisture resistant, bathroom walls are a little trickier to decorate than other areas of your house. Even if some materials are eliminated, you still have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to updating your bathroom walls. Here are a few suggestions that you should consider making your bathroom the talk of the neighborhood!

New Tileboards

Modern tileboard is made to precisely replicate ceramic tile. This material is incredibly moisture resistant and should keep its beauty for years to come when sealed with bathroom-grade silicone caulk, making it a fantastic low-cost substitute for conventional tile. With our professional installation process, we will make sure your wall is properly installed to maintain full beauty for many years.

New Vinyl Wallpaper

Wallpaper that is coated in vinyl is waterproof, incredibly durable, and available in an infinite number of designs and colors to match any bathroom design. But keep in mind that it can only withstand indirect wetness, like steam, so you'll need a different kind of material for the lower wall surfaces. Choose vinyl wallpaper over other types of wallpaper if the area is likely to see spills and splatters since it is the most resilient. Vinyl should be hung below the toilet and around the shower, as was already indicated.

New Tile

Tile is still one of the most popular options when it comes to bathrooms since it is elegant and quite adaptable. Tile is one of the few materials that may be used both inside and outside the shower since it is completely water-resistant. Perhaps this explains why many of our clients adore bathroom wall designs with subway tile, which are particularly appealing and well-liked. For a peek at some of our possibilities, see our gallery!

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