5 myths about carpet flooring


One of the most popular flooring options for homeowners is carpet. It is cozy to walk on, play on, and more, it adds warmth, comfort, and style to your house. 
Everyone has an opinion about carpet, but some may not be true. Here are some myths about carpeting you should know before making the investment into this flooring, 

1. Dangerous Substances in Carpet

Do your family's carpets contain any chemicals that are dangerous? The four components of carpeting—carpet fiber, carpet backing, glue, and padding—are rather basic.
Many people believe that formaldehyde and other dangerous compounds found in carpets might poison the air. However, since 1978, formaldehyde has not been utilized in the production of carpet. Regarding other chemicals, carpet emits the fewest volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

2. Carpet Makes Allergies Worse

The opposite is true. Carpet helps people with allergies breathe easier by serving as an allergy trap. Up until vacuum day, dirt, dust, and other particles embed themselves in carpeting. 
If you want to take it a step further in preventing airborne particles, you have use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap all that is extracted from your carpeting. 

3. Cleaning carpet is difficult

Because of spills and stains, some might believe that carpeting requires a lot of maintenance. Maintaining and cleaning carpet is not difficult. It doesn't demand more work each week than any other types of flooring.
Your carpets should remain properly clean with just once or twice a week of vacuuming. You can remove every stain or unintentional spill you have using a variety of cleaning agents.

4. Carpet Is Not Resilient

What is the lifespan of carpet? The longevity of your carpet depends on how well it has been cared for. Your carpet will last longer if you take better care of it.
Your carpeting should last for years if you maintain a weekly cleaning schedule. To preserve the appearance and cleanliness of your flooring, you can even implement household rules like "no shoes on the carpet."
Another excellent strategy for maintaining a carpet that lasts is to have it professionally cleaned once every one to two years.

5. Carpeting is Outdated 

This myth is false. Carpet technology is constantly evolving to create a better array of options for any homeowner. Everyone can find something they like, whether they prefer dynamic patterns and brilliant colors or neutral carpeting.