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Bathroom Vanity Buyers Guide in Stuart, FL

Some Tips When Shopping for a Bathroom Vanity in Stuart

If you are considering a bathroom upgrade, you’ll need to think about more than the floors and shower curtains. For instance, there is perhaps no better way to make your bathroom truly sparkle than with a new bathroom vanity. If the process of installing a new vanity is foreign to you, here is a quick guide to get you going.

  1. Purpose — The needs of a guest bathroom are going to be different than those of a master bathroom. Do you and your spouse prepare for work at the same time? If so, you will probably want a bathroom vanity with two sinks. If you use a lot of products at once, you might want to put a premium on counter space.
  2. Plumbing — You can put your bathroom vanity wherever you like, but if the plumbing must be moved to accommodate it, then that is going to increase the price of installation substantially. To save money, you will want to account for the existing plumbing before installation.
  3. Practicality — Does your bathroom door open inwards or outwards? You do not want the door hitting the vanity, so which way it opens is going to be important. You will have to make the same accommodation for a shower door as well. You may want a lot of storage, but this could be a challenge if you have a big family, and you expect a lot of foot traffic.
  4. Storage — Speaking of storage, a bathroom vanity is a prime opportunity to neatly store everything you want. Before going overboard with storage, however, take note of the amount of existing space you have to work with. Also, you might have to sacrifice some storage space if plumbing gets in the way. Too much storage will make the bathroom seem crowded and smaller, so there are going to be some limits as to what is possible.
  5. Style — Now comes the fun part. Look over all the vanity options until you find the look and style that works best for your home. Materials are going to be important. Since bathrooms see a lot of activity and moisture, you will want countertops that are resistant to water and scratches.

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