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Benefits of a Installing Hardwood Flooring Installation in Stuart, FL

Hardwood flooring is a great option if you're thinking about replacing floors in your home. You may have heard that hardwood floors are excessively expensive or difficult to install, but the truth is, depending on your living environment, they can be a superior long-term investment.

1) Hardwood floors are simple to maintain and long-lasting.

While it may not be your first thought when choosing a flooring material to consider how easy it is to clean, depending on who lives in your home, this could be a major selling feature. Vacuuming or attempting to remove stains and spills regularly, especially if you have carpet, can be exhausting if you have children or pets. With hardwood floors, though, all you have to do is sweep and mop. With these floors, cleaning is a breeze.

It's not only easy to clean, but they’re also long-lasting: you can anticipate it to last for as long as you own your home, if not longer. Hardwood floors get dirty, but unlike carpet and carpet padding, they don't absorb dirt or spilled liquids. While they may scuff over time from use, they can be refinished; they won't wear out and need replaced like laminate, carpet, or tile. So, considering the higher initial expense of installation, wood floors require less upkeep and pay for themselves down the line.

2) Wood Flooring Increases the Value of Your Home

Though hardwood floors are not the cheapest option for flooring, the return on investment is significantly greater than other options. Many people will regard hardwood flooring as a great plus if you ever want to sell your home because they are resilient, easy to maintain, and won't hold odors or stains from prior owners or tenants. New owners will not have to change their furniture or décor to fit the existing floor because hardwood flooring is compatible with various forms of decorating.

3) A Variety of Styles Are Available

While you may think that the same can be true for carpet, the truth is that hardwood, in addition to being available in a multitude of styles, never actually go out of style. Other forms of flooring, on the other hand, may be available in a variety of styles, but can they withstand the test of time? Is shag carpeting, which was popular in the 1970s, still trendy today? No.

Hardwood floors, whether solid or engineered, are available in a wide range of finishes and hues, making them suitable for almost any style. Do you want something that can go with almost anything? Choose a lighter maple or oak-colored transitional domestic hardwood floor.

There are numerous exotic hardwood possibilities, such as Tigerwood, or dark colors that can seem very rich and deep, such as Midnight Oak, which is virtually black, if you like a more dramatic look in your home. You'll be able to choose almost anything, and the greatest part is that you'll be able to refinish them if the color fades over time; with carpet, you're out of luck if the color fades or wears out.

4) Wood is a Renewably Sourced Material

With all the controversy surrounding deforestation and the rainforest, it's tempting to believe that hardwood floors may be bad for the environment. However, the opposite is true. Wood floor sales help to sustain the wood industry, which in turn helps to keep forests alive. Furthermore, many exotic types of wood are sourced from environmentally friendly forests.

According to the World Resources Institute, North America grows more trees than it cuts down, so your hardwood floors aren't going to wipe out the forests. Furthermore, some alternatives are much more environmentally friendly than others. Take, for example, cork and bamboo, which, while not technically wood, are gaining appeal. Hardwood floors are, without a doubt, a safe alternative for renewable flooring.

5) It's Beneficial to Allergy Sufferers

If you have allergies to pet hair, dander, dust, or anything else that can get stuck in carpeting, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of it. Carpets trap a lot of allergens, which can be problematic for persons who have respiratory problems because of their allergies. These allergies, on the other hand, cannot be trapped on hardwood floors.

Do you have a visitor who is allergic to cats, but you own one? Thorough washing of the floor can alleviate the discomfort if they aren't seriously allergic. With hardwood floors, all it takes is a fast damp mopping to get a flawlessly clean, allergen-free surface that looks like it did the day it was placed.


Installing hardwood flooring, whether solid or engineered, can significantly improve the value of a property. It looks wonderful, is simple to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. If you are looking to have new hardwood flooring installed in your home, contact Flooring USA in Stuart to book an appointment with our team!

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