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Benefits of Professional Bathroom Remodel in Stuart, FL

Here are some perks to hiring a pro for your bathroom remodel

With outdated fixtures, leaking pipes, and worn-out furnishings, a bathroom remodel can easily turn into a full-on project. Hiring a professional not only ensures that all qualms with your current bathroom are addressed but done right with the best options that fit your style and needs. Here are some reasons why a bathroom remodel is a great choice and how a professional contractor like Flooring USA can help!

Increases home value

When you put money into anything, it is great to see a return on your investment. With a professional remodel you can see an average ROI of 70% towards your homes value. This will also help with the curb appeal of your home, making it easier to attract prospective buyers.

Fixing issues with your bathroom

When you hire a contractor, they are experienced with any electric and plumbing needs as part of the job. An experienced professional will ensure that issues and updates are made right with no hassle or chance for a DIY accident.

Add more space

Updating your bathroom can give you a chance to update your bathroom vanity, wall storage, and more with modern and efficient options designed to optimize your space.

Energy efficiency

Updating your leaking, inefficient plumbing and outdated fixtures will provide you with long term savings on your utility bill.

According to the EPA, about 10% homeowners have upgraded their bathrooms with energy efficient appliances and fixtures. These homes bring in savings of $1.5 billion worth of energy costs and 70 billion gallons of water.

Modernizing your bathroom

Having a professional work with you on the design of your bathroom can really bring out most of the space. So not only will the bathroom be more functional and efficient, but modern and luxurious.

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