Caring for Your Carpet

Caring for Your Carpet

Your home's recently installed Abbey Carpet & Floor carpeting represents a considerable financial investment. A long-term investment that you'll want to preserve in excellent shape. This begins with correctly carrying out the yearly cleaning process's procedures. The lifespan of your new carpet will greatly benefit from the use of the proper techniques and supplies.

Regular Vacuuming

You can never vacuum too much. Loosening the dirt using a vacuum's beater bar or revolving brush will make it simpler for the vacuum to remove soil. Berber carpet, for example, has a thick loop pile design that makes it susceptible to fuzzing and pile distortion from brushing, rubbing, and scraping. Only using vacuums with suction action on these types is advised. Carpet sweepers and electric brooms can be good for removing surface dirt and crumbs, but it's crucial to understand that they cannot thoroughly deep clean your carpet of harmful compounds.

Clean Stains and Spills

The first and most recommended tip is to clean up spills immediately after they happen. Not cleaning these spills can result in permanent damage to your new carpet. Spots and spills should be attended to right away for optimal results. To remove solids, use a spoon or dull knife. Use a white cloth to absorb any liquid spillage. Never scrubbing, brushing, or rubbing. The carpet fibers might be harmed by this. Use a cleaning solution and technique suitable for the stain being cleaned, always try water first. To prevent soaking the carpet during spot cleaning, apply all cleaning solutions to the cloth rather than straight to the stain. not the backing; instead, clean the fibers. Deep stains sometimes need to be cleaned again since they sometimes "wick" back up after being cleaned. When removing big stains, work your way inward from the edges.

Harmful Substances

There are many cleaning chemicals that may seriously damage your flooring if they are not properly used or supposed to go on your floor in the first place. While these cleaning products may clean your carpet, they will also most likely cause a permanent color change or fade that will damage your new carpet.

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