Is it time for new carpet

When You Should Consider New Carpeting in Stuart, FL

Carpet may last a long time if it is properly cared for. Depending on the quality of the carpet and the amount of foot activity it receives, it can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. However, there will come a time when the wear and tear is too much, and you will need to replace your carpet with new flooring. Here are 5 reasons it may be time to replace your carpeting.

1. You can't get rid of the stains on your floor

If stains persist despite spot treatment, carpet pad replacement, or expert carpet cleaning, they are likely permanent. This might happen if the stain has penetrated or set beneath the top surface of the carpet, or if the source of the stain in persistent. Leaks and pets are the usual culprits. 

2. There's an Odor in Your Carpet

If cleaning your carpet does not help or even makes it worse, it is possible that your carpet has adsorbed odors from pets, smoking, and cooking over the years to the point that no freshener will help. When foul odors become a problem, they can detract from your pleasure of your house, and new carpet will be necessary. 

3. You're looking to sell your house

Fresh carpet appeals to home buyers and can help you with the presentation of the home. You want to give any potential buyers the best first impression possible, and a brand-new carpet is one method to do that.

4. Your carpets have been damaged or have become matted.

Matting occurs when the carpet fibers wear down and don't stand up after vacuuming or cleaning, resulting in worn-looking flat patches. This is especially likely to occur in congested locations. If your carpet has matting, rips, or bare places, it should be replaced.

5. You just don’t like the carpet

Having flooring that matches your style and preferences is great, especially considering you see it every day. If you carpet is outdated, or just not to your liking, there are a lot of modern carpet and other flooring options available to replace it. 


Whatever your reason for getting new carpet, luckily it is one of the most cost-effective replacements among flooring options. This not only makes hiring a professional more affordable, but also allows you to choose from many modern options to match your design and functional ambitions. 
Flooring USA has the best carpet installation options from top manufacturers in Stuart. If you are ready to have your carpet replaced, contact us today!