Is it time to replace your bathroom vanity?

Is It Time to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity?

You ask a lot out of your bathroom. Every day you and the rest of the family rely on your bathroom to get you cleaned up and ready for the day. If, however, you’re not as happy with the appearance or functionality of your bathroom as you once were, then you could probably use an upgrade. You might want to replace your bathrooms vanity.
Here are a few reasons to take the leap and install a new bathroom vanity.

  • You Need More Space — Everyone is always looking for more storage space, but the need for space is especially important in the bathroom. Your bathroom should have adequate room to store towels, hairdryers, shaving equipment, lotions, soaps, and everything else, and all of it should be easy to find. There’s no better way to accomplish all this than by installing a new vanity.
  • Old Vanity Cannot Be Repaired — Some furnishings and appliances can be repaired or refurbished so that they’re good as new. If you have a vanity that’s been damaged by mold, however, replacement may be your only option. Because they’re in a wet environment, an older vanity can suffer from cracks and leaks that allow water to get in. The resulting mold is not only destructive, but it can be a health hazard as well.
  • You Could Use an Update — Styles change. Perhaps your current vanity better reflects the tastes you had 10 years ago than the ones you have now. It’s also possible that you’re living with the same bathroom vanity that was there when you moved in and it was never your style. Either way, replacing it allows you to have a bathroom that truly matches your aesthetics.
  • Boost Your Home’s Value — If you’ve been living in your current residence for a while and are contemplating moving, a new vanity could be a great investment. Homebuyers are drawn to bathrooms and are willing to pay more for homes that have been upgraded with attractive new vanities.

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