Quiet flooring for your home

Upgrading Your Home with Quiet Flooring in Stuart, FL 

There are times when you could really use a little peace and quiet. You could be trying to get some work done, or maybe you want to sleep in for a change. Whatever your reason, the floors in your home play a big role in how quiet or loud your environment is.

If you’re looking into installing some new floors, it’s good to know which materials are most conducive to quiet flooring.


It should come as no surprise that carpet is the quietest option possible. No matter how much kids run around upstairs, you’re not likely to hear much if they’re doing it on carpet flooring. Even better, both the carpet fibers themselves and the padding that is installed underneath are able to absorb sound, so even loud talking and media devices won’t be as noticeable throughout the rest of the house.

Vinyl or Cork Plank

Hardwood flooring is not a quiet option, but if you’re the kind of person who absolutely can’t resist hardwood’s elegant appeal, you might want to consider vinyl or cork plank flooring instead. While these modern hardwood substitutes are available in a variety of hardwood styles, they have sound absorbing qualities that hardwood lacks, resulting in much more quiet flooring.

Other Options

Perhaps you’re not able to install new floors. Maybe you’re too much in love with the tile or hardwood floors you already have. If so, all is not lost. Here are a few simple things you can do to turn the volume down in your house.

  • Invest in rugs — Laying rugs down in various parts of the house and buying runners to cover the high-traffic areas, can do a lot to keep sound from bouncing around a room. They have the added benefit of being stylish and attractive as well.
  • Kick off the shoes — Ever go to a person’s house and notice they keep their shoes by the door? That could be you! Keeping the shoes off while in the house will keep the home quieter while better preserving your existing flooring.
  • Underlayment — It’s possible to add layers of padding or “underlayment” under floors to help baffle the sounds generated by the harder flooring materials above.

Whatever you need for quiet flooring options, don’t hesitate to call Flooring USA at (772) 463-6400.

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