Red oak vs white oak hardwood flooring

Red Oak vs White Oak Hardwood Flooring in Stuart, FL

Oak flooring is a desirable species for homeowners when they’re installing new hardwood flooring. Here is a guide to help you choose between red and white oak flooring! 

What they have in common 

Here are some characteristics that red and white oak flooring have in common so that you can learn about the advantages of both:


They’re both from the oak species, thus they both have that distinct oak appearance. Oak flooring are easily identified due of their consistent, clean, and straight grain.


There isn't much of a variation in hardness between red and white oak wood. Red oak, despite being a little softer, is still a durable wood that can withstand most everyday wear and tear.


White and red oak floors can have minor price differences. You don't have to make a sacrifice if you prefer the look of one sort of oak floor over another if your budget permits you to choose oak.

What Sets Red and White Oak Hardwood Flooring Apart

There are overtones and undertones in oak wood—this is not surprising. Although it has a crimson tint, red oak doesn't have the same intensity as cherry hardwood. It has a tone that leans more toward pale pink. White oak has undertones of yellow or brown, which makes it less vibrant and more of a darker tint. Here are a few additional comparisons between red and white oak flooring:

Grain Intensity

Red and white oak have comparable forms of graining, although a red oak floor will have a somewhat stronger grain. Because of its intensity, red oak can better conceal flaws. White oak has a less patterned appearance due to its softer graining, which may appeal to homeowners who want their oak flooring to disappear into the background.

Water resistance

White oak can withstand exposure to water better than red oak. Therefore, you might want to use white oak if you're considering an oak floor for a humid space like a bathroom or kitchen.

Plank size

Red oaks are more common than white oaks, and they typically grow larger. You have more red oak possibilities if you require generous plank widths of at least 5 inches.

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