Replacing vs Refacing: Why Replacing Your Cabinets May Be the Best Option

Replacing vs Refacing: Why Replacing Your Cabinets May Be the Best Option

Some homeowners in Stuart, FL, are discovering replacing their cabinets is necessary  

Renovating your kitchen is a daunting experience. With so many things to consider, it’s good to know that your cabinets may require no more than to be refaced. 

Refacing is an inexpensive option that can make your cabinets appear good as new, but it’s not a workable option for a lot of cabinets. Here are a few indications you should be looking to replace your cabinets instead.

•  Cabinets Are in Poor Condition — Refacing is mostly an aesthetic fix to cabinets that might appear worn down and will do nothing to repair those that are falling apart. If your cabinetry was cheap to begin with, it may have to be replaced. The same is true if there’s extensive damage such as wood rot, mold, or a termite infestation. 

•  You're Unhappy with the Layout — Things change, and what was once a perfectly functional kitchen may no longer meet your needs. Replacing cabinetry allows you to have a kitchen that is customized to fit your lifestyle and habits. Want to install an island or allow for more storage space? Only a full replacement will do.

•  The Style Is Dated — Some kitchen cabinets have a classic look that puts you in the time in which they were built. Other cabinets are just old and unattractive. If your current cabinets are in the second category, you won’t be satisfied with a refacing. The only way to truly update your cabinets into a style that matches your current home and tastes is with a full replacement. 

•  There Are Health Concerns — Old cabinets can be more than just unattractive; they can pose health issues. Cabinets painted before 1978, for instance, may have been covered with lead paint. This adds an extra complication to resurfacing because all of the lead paint will have to be removed, and not every contractor knows how to do this. The best way to ensure that your home is lead-free is to have those old cabinets removed entirely and replaced with safer, modern versions. 

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