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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Floors in Good Condition

Spring is here, which means it's time for some spring cleaning. Remember your floors! While cleaning out drawers and scrubbing down surfaces, give your floors extra attention. They may need more than just a quick sweep. Take the time to deep-clean them along with the rest of your home.


How to Get Started

Different types of flooring require different levels of cleaning. It's a good idea to clean your floors last to avoid dust settling on them after you've cleaned everything else. This way, you can ensure they stay clean for longer.

Before cleaning the floor, clear the space by moving any objects like shoes, toys, and furniture out of the way. For a thorough clean, get under and behind heavy furniture and appliances. Take caution when moving these items to avoid scratching or gouging the floor, especially on hardwood or vinyl. Consider using floor protectors on heavier items to prevent damage.


Vacuuming: To get your carpet clean, start by thoroughly vacuuming it. Don't rush it - take your time and cover the whole carpet, including crevices and corners. Before you begin, check the vacuum bag and empty it if it's more than two-thirds full. Use a wand attachment for hard-to-reach areas.

Spot-clean: If you see any discoloration or stains on your carpet, it's essential to address them promptly.

Deep clean: It's a good idea to clean your carpet deep annually, especially if it's in a high-traffic area or you have pets. If you decide to tackle it yourself, here are some tips we recommend:

  • Ensure to follow the rules of the machine you're using and your carpet manufacturer's warranty. Using less cleaning solution is essential, as this could affect your carpet's performance or void the warranty. Just stick to the recommended concentration for the best results.
  • Begin cleaning from the farthest point in the room from the door or entryway, and gradually move towards the door as you clean.
  • Make several passes with the machine to remove water from your carpet. It may take some time, so stay patient and thorough.
  • After you finish, make sure to keep the area well-ventilated. You can use fans, an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, or open a window. Remember never to close off the room.
  • Avoid walking on or placing furniture on the carpet while drying. Staying off the rug for approximately six to twelve hours is recommended.

If you need a new carpet installed, review our checklist and contact us for more information!



Sweeping: To clean your hardwood floors, use a microfiber mop to remove dirt and dust. You can also use a vacuum, but use the bare floor setting to avoid damaging the wood with the beater bar.

Wax: Waxing your hardwood floor can keep it looking shiny and bright. However, not all waxes are suitable for all floors. Certain types of wax can damage your floor, especially if it has a specific composition or finish. If your wood floor has a urethane finish, avoid waxing it and use polish instead.

Get a touch-up: If your floors start to look dull, consider adding a new layer of finish. We suggest doing this every few years, depending on how much your floors are used and your lifestyle. It can give your floors a fresh and revitalized look.



 Sweeping: Like your hardwood floosr, sweep or use a microfiber mop to remove dirt and dust for your laminate. You can also use a vacuum; just be sure to use the bare floor setting to avoid damaging the floor with the beater bar.

Avoid mopping: While water-resistant laminate is available, it's still best to avoid wet mopping your floors. Standing water can cause damage, especially if your laminate isn't water-resistant. Don't use a steam mop, as this can harm the floor. If you need to clean your laminate beyond vacuuming or using a microfiber mop, spray a mild cleaning solution and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Take care of harsh stains: Tough stains can be tricky, even with immediate care. If you have paint, ink, makeup, or oil stains on your laminate, try using nail polish remover. Apply the remover on a clean cloth to remove the stain, then wipe dry to eliminate any residue. It's an easy and effective solution!



 Sweeping: To clean your tile floor, sweep or use a microfiber mop to remove dirt and dust. You can also use a vacuum on the bare floor setting. This will help maintain the cleanliness of your tile floor and keep it looking its best.

Get the mop: Tile is waterproof, so that you can wet-mop it without worry! Remember that different types of tile may require other cleaning methods, depending on the finish.

What to avoid: Avoid using cleaning products on wildly colored tile with harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach. Products with dyes should also be avoided, as they can stain grout lines and unglazed porcelain tile. Choosing gentle cleaning solutions is best to maintain your tile's beauty.



It is sweeping first!: To clean your vinyl flooring, start sweeping or using a microfiber mop to remove dirt, dust, or debris. You can also use a vacuum; make sure it's on the bare floor setting.

Mopping is allowed: Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and sheet vinyl floors are waterproof, so that you can use a wet mop. To deep clean and disinfect, use a cleaning solution with a neutral pH or mix vinegar with warm water. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the mixture if your floors are dirty. After cleaning, rinse the floors with warm water to remove any residue. Remember not to use hot water or a steam mop on vinyl floors.

Spot-clean stubborn stains: When dealing with a persistent spot on your vinyl floor, use a soft-bristled brush to clean it. Homemade cleaning solutions like baking soda and water paste can handle food stains. For stains from cosmetic products, try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Remember to wipe away any residue with water and a clean cloth after cleaning.

Refrain from abrasive scrub brushes: Vinyl flooring is durable, but be careful when cleaning it. Using an abrasive cleaning pad can scratch the protective wear layer. Keep your vinyl floors looking superb by using gentle cleaning methods.

Set Your Flooring Up For Longevity

Cleaning your floors thoroughly can be exhausting, but the results will be worth it. It can even improve your health! To make future cleaning more accessible:

  1. Take precautions now.
  2. If you have items that tend to create messes (like plants or pet food bowls), use mats or saucers to catch spills and dirt.
  3. For hard surface flooring in busy areas, consider using area rugs to reduce damage.

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