Top 5 kitchen cabinet styles in Stuart, FL

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles in Stuart, FL

The design of a kitchen involves several factors that most homeowners like to be aware of before they purchase. When it comes to faucets, lighting, and décor in a dream kitchen, every detail is important when comparing these options. There are several minor components in your kitchen to pay attention to, but don't overlook one significant element that can make or break the appearance of your kitchen: kitchen cabinets.

We have all the kitchen cabinet options that you are dreaming of. However, before you make the vital decision to install new cabinets, make sure you are informed of the numerous, appealing cabinet types that we can professionally install for you.

Shaker Cabinets

The most popular form of cabinet nowadays is the Shaker design. Five flat-panel components make up the Shaker style, which is organized in a frame with four parts and one flat center panel as the fifth component. This is a well-liked style, according to HGTV, since it gives either a traditional or modern design a simple, timeless appearance. Shaker cabinets are distinguished by their flat paneled doors with rail frames, sturdy construction with premium wood, and functional designs. The majority of the time, high-quality American wood, especially that from the northeastern United States, is used to make Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The most popular woods for shaker cabinets are quartersawn oak, cherry, maple, hickory, and cherry.

Flat-Panel or Slab

Kitchen cabinet doors with flat panels, sometimes referred to as "slab" cabinet doors, are a simple but appealing option. Kitchen cabinets with flat panels have clear lines and a straightforward style without any pricey frills. The plain flat-panel cabinet's look fits in well with modern and contemporary kitchens. Although there are many different methods to construct flat-panel cabinets, the absence of frames on the slab doors remains a defining feature of this design. Instead, as their name implies, they are solid slabs.


As the name suggests, inset-style cabinets feature doors that are situated inside the cabinet frame as opposed to outside the frame like typical cabinet doors. To ensure that the wood lays inside the frame and functions properly, each door is designed and constructed using extremely precise specifications that you won't have to worry about with Flooring USA.

Although inset kitchen cabinets and drawers are among the most costly options available, they offer a classic style that will endure for many years. With beaded or non-beaded inserts, inset cabinetry may be easily customized to provide one-of-a-kind cabinets. The edge detail is expertly crafted with beaded inset construction that is integrated into the cabinet door itself.


Compared to flat kitchen cabinets, beadboard cabinetry has a more dynamic appearance because it consists of rows of vertical planks with depressions or ridges known as "beads" between each blank. This sort of cabinet door is perfect for a country farmhouse or cottage kitchen since the appearance of the beads gives texture.


Custom kitchen cabinets are the way to go if you can't find a door style for your cabinets that you like in stores. Our associates at Flooring USA are pros when it comes to kitchen remodels and can create custom cabinets according to your budget and style!