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Upgrade Your Home with a New Shower or Bathtub from Flooring USA of Stuart, FL

Is your shower or bathtub outdated? Having a new bathtub or shower installed is a great way to freshen up your bathroom. At Flooring USA, we are experts when it comes to bathroom remodels and can provide you with design options and professional installation of your shower or bathtub in Stuart. 

Shower and bathtub buyers guide

If you haven’t upgraded your home with a new bathtub, shower, or tub/shower combo, you may not appreciate the difference it can make in your quality of life.

Here are a few reasons you are going to love upgrading your bathroom:

Update Your Style — Many homeowners inherit their shower or bathtub. Having a new one installed is a great way to update to something modern and catered to your specific needs. 
Save Money — You are going to have to make changes to your bathroom eventually. By installing a new tub or shower now, you can get the bathroom you want now instead of having to pay for emergency repairs later.
Brighten Up Your Home — Older bathtubs and showers are going to look older and faded. Upgrading your shower/tub is a great way revitalize your bathroom. 
Better Versatility — By updating your bathroom, you can have a shower/tub combo if you like or replace your current setup with a standalone shower or bathtub. You can even install a walk-in shower/tub combination. The choice is yours!
Increase Your Home Value — Home buyers love new bathrooms. The upgrades you make to yours will make a difference if you ever decide to sell. 

Finding the right bathtub and shower

Having a new bathtub or shower installed can leave you with many options as far as style and materials. Here are some things to consider while you are shopping for a new bathtub and shower.


Material – There are many shower wall materials to choose from including acrylic, glass tiles, fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, single-sheet plastic, laminated wall panels, vinyl wallpaper, and more! 
Size – The size of your shower is important to determine the layout of your bathroom, the cost of the installation, and the style options to choose from. 
Water pressure – When you have a new shower installed, this usually includes new shower heads and valves as well. Knowing your water pressure will help determine the best fit, and if you need added accessories to help with water pressure or temperature. 
Future – If this is the home you will retire in, having a shower installed that is easily accessible will be great as you age and lose mobility. 


Material – Bathtubs come in many materials including metal, porcelain, acrylic, glass, cast iron, stone, and more! 
Type – There are a few general types of bathtubs. Recessed 2-in-1 bathtubs surrounded by three walls are the most common, but there are also corner, drop-in, and freestanding bathtubs. 
Size – Determining the use of the tub will help you choose the right size. Will this be a standalone whirlpool to submerge 1-2 people, or a 2-in-1 shower tub? 
Try it out – The best way to see if a bathtub is right for you is to take it for a test ride. Sitting in the tub will help you determine if it is the right size and fits the curve of your back and body. 

We’re Here to Help

Making big changes to your home can be a stressful experience. Not only are you making an important investment, but you want to make sure that you are making all the best choices. At Flooring USA, we want to make the process of upgrading your bathroom as easy as possible.

Our staff members are experts in installation and design and can guide you through all the available options so you can be certain that you are getting the bathtub or shower you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about how Flooring USA of Stuart, FL, can help you with your home improvement needs, call today for a free quote at 
(772) 463-6400.

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